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Made to specification, this design will be just what you want. 


Why have a novelty license plate that is only visible during the day? Don't worry, we'll wait. Really though, our plates are designed to afford users like U, the ability to express yourself day or night via illumanted logos.


Our product makes use of heat, UV, and shatter resistant polymer for structural longevity and LEDs for a bright and long lasting glow. Whether you are advertising your company, representing your favorite organization or looking for another avenue of positive vehicle identification, UTagz are sure to brighten your night!


Note: Customers are solely responsible for acquiring license plate adaptors as required for their particular vehicle. Please navigate to our photo gallery for additional product photos. 

Custom LED License Plate

SKU: 036000291452
$100.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
    • Product Dimensions: 12.1'' x 6.1'' x .60''
    • Super bright LED illumination.
    • Fits most standard license plate locations.

    Each package contains:

    1. Custom Backlit LED License Plate (1)
    2. Stndrd, mini & low profile mini fuse taps (3)
    3. Mounting fastners (4)
    4. Zipties (4)

    Note: Acquisition of custom license plate adaptors are solely the responsibility of the vehicle owner. 

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